Posted on Mar 15, 2021

VERIFY-MY-VIN by Alligood

WHY THE CALENDAR? Please read my post below to find out.
A client with and out of state car called me today from a California DMV Office to ask if I could verify the vin on his vehicle right away. He wanted to know if I could see him immediately because he needed to get the vehicle registered before he left town. (He said he was leaving the car with a family member) He needed immediate service so I met him at my office within ten minutes, verified the vin and he rushed back to the DMV Office to register the car.
Why did he call me ? He was told by DMV to go to CHP. When he called CHP he was told the first appointment for him would be sometime after the first of April. He left waving to me and thanking me for my quick service, solving his problem and helping him meet his goal.
Do you need prompt, convenient service? How valuable is your time?
I can save you time while offering convenient personalized service for your vin verification to enable registration of your out of state or out of registration California car, truck, or trailer.
My average appointment ranges from same day to one or two days. Exceptions made when necessary to meet your time frame as required when possible.
Bob Alligood
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