Posted on Feb 27, 2021

VERIFY-MY-VIN by Alligood

Drove all the way from Gualala for Vin Verification! My client phoned to ask me if I would meet him at a smog shop in Santa Rosa on a specific day and time on Saturday. I said, YES! I will! Typically, I don't work on weekends, because I am so busy on weekdays I need a break and take care of family stuff, but, as I say in my mission statement; I listen to clients and identify with their needs. He bought this new Dually 6 wheel Silverado out of state and was unable to get the Vin Verified in his home area. It's a win-win for both of us. He gets to register the vehicle before his temporary permit expires, and I get the satisfaction of helping one more client in need of vin verification to enable registering in California.
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Bob Alligood, Owner
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